Meet the Team

Joshua Truitt, founder.


Josh is the founder of Unlucky Cricket Games and has been the only consistent member through all projects. He's been lead programmer, designer, audio designer, artist, and every other role that goes into making a game. Really, though, he would rather just program and leave the other stuff to people who are far better at than he is.

Devyn, logo designer.


Devyn used to be an art major and in that time she made a lot of really creative artwork. One of those was our logo which we fell in love with and have been using since about 2013.

Karl, maker of music.


Karl has contributed music to our games. He made Monster Truck (a song found in our game Poink which is no longer available) and Space Strings from Pop! Cube.

Sam, maker of music and titles.


Sam helped make the Blob theme song and he also made the title for Blob!. Sam, Josh, and Jack all got together one day with a keyboard and a ukelele and got to recording the song. Three cheers for Sam's ukelele solo.

Jack, maker of music.


Jack played the solo part of the Blob theme song on the piano because Josh is not a pianist and so did not have the coordination to keep up the bassline while trying to play a solo. Jack, however, is a pianist. Three cheers for his solo at the end.


You can get in touch with us by sending an email to