Galactic Assault


Galactic Assault is a new game of ours! Feel free to download the game and play it, then shoot us an email giving us suggestions and feedback on what you do like, don't like, and what you'd like to see! Email us at:

Note: Development on Galactic Assault has been halted in favor of other projects.

A note on the Mac OS X version:
Our apologies, but we're no longer supporting builds for Mac. We decided to stop because we were never really supporting the platform to begin with as we don't have the resources to test on Mac, and of the new input features we've implemented in v0.1.3, none of them are compatible with Mac. We'll keep the download link to v0.1.2 of the game here so that you can play it on Mac, but Mac will no longer receive updates. Sorry guys :(

Latest changes
In v0.2.0, we gave you:
- Fixed some bugs that were introduced in the previous version. Oops. The bugs fixed were...
- Your healing bullets now apply their effect to you (like they should have).
- Your mines no longer blow you up. Sorry about that. It was because of a fix we used for another issue (Alien target-finding, in case you're curious).

- Changed the version numbering. Our numbering before didn't allow for expression of patches. So, the numbering system is as follows:
GamePhase.Version.Patch (so, the current version is 0.2.0, meaning, the game is in the pre-release phase, it's the second major update, and it hasn't received a patch).

Supported Devices

Desktop: PC (Windows, Mac (Limited support))

Theme Song

Use the audio player below to listen to the theme song for Galactic Assault, a song we made with our proprietary music-creation software, Virtuoso.

How to Get Started

Galactic Assault doesn't come with an installer, and it's up to you to simply extract the files from the .zip file the game comes in, and execute the application from its folder. If all of that sounds like gibberish to you, though, watch this video on how to quickly set up the game.