Terms of Use


By accessing and using this website, or by downloading or using any of our products (whether through this website or one of the third-party distributors we use (see section 2)), you indicate that you agree to and accept these terms and provisions, as well as our Privacy Policy. When using any of the services provided on this website, you are subject to all of the rules and guidelines contained herein. These terms may be changed periodically. This agreement may be referred to as "agreement", "user agreement", "terms of use", "terms of serivce", "TOU", or "TOS". This website may be referred to as "our website", "this site", or "our site". Unlucky Cricket Games may be referred to as "us", "we", "UCG", or "Unlucky Cricket Games".


1. Our Website

You, the user, may browse any of the pages on our website and download any of the products that we have expressly made available through this site via download buttons and/or links, provided that you agree to the terms of use.

This website and its components are for the purpose of giving information related to Unlucky Cricket Games and for making available our products. This site is not responsible nor liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via this site. This site is not responsible nor liable for any error or omissions in that information.

This site and Unlucky Cricket Games, its affiliates, and its members are not responsible nor liable for any injury, accident, or harmful/negative event sustained while using this website or any of our products.

2. Our Products

Our products include any of the games, software, music, and assets we have made. If you are unsure what those things are, please navigate to our Games and Software pages. Our products also bear our mark (the "UC" logo), and/or state that they are made "by Unlucky Cricket Games". All rules and guidelines contained in this agreement concerning our products apply to the items defined above. These rules and guidelines also apply to our products if you obtain them from a third-party service, such as a mobile app store. However, for the sake of clarity, let it be known that the only third-party vendors we approve of for our products are Steam, the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. If you obtain any of our products from a source other than this site or the above-listed approved vendors, we cannot and do not ensure its validity and/or security. In the event that you, your system, or device sustain damage through use of one of our products obtained from an unapproved vendor, you accept that you are the one solely responsible for the damages sustained and you release Unlucky Cricket Games, its affiliates, and its members from any responsibility and liability.

3. Product Rights

UCG is the sole proprietor of all of our products and assets. Unlucky Cricket Games holds the copyright for these things. You may download any of the files that we enable express access to through our site via download buttons and links that allow you to download the files. However, you, the downloader and user of this site, do not own any of the rights to our products or any of their assets (see section 4 for what "assets" encompasses), as these are the property of UCG. When you download any of our products, you are considered to have a license for the product that allows you to use it. UCG reserves the right to revoke your license of the product at our own discretion if you violate this agreement.

You may not redistribute any of our products or any of their assets. You may, however, modify a product and/or its assets ONLY for private use. Any redistribution that is not expressly sanctioned by UCG will constitute a violation of this agreement. UCG reserves the right to revoke any licensing given by UCG, as well as take legal action in the event of a violation of the TOU.

4. Our Assets

Assets are any of the media files used in any of our products. These include any video files, image files, audio files, etc. packaged with our products. These rules and guidelines also apply to the application files (files with an extension of .exe, .app, etc.). These assets are the property of UCG, and UCG owns the rights to these assets. You, the user, do not own any rights to these assets. However, in our audio files, we will occasionally use pre-recorded loops. These loops are the property of their respective owners, but the music we construct with these loops are the property of UCG. Our assets, and therefore their rules and guidelines, also apply to our logo. See section 5 for more information on our logo.

5. Our Logo

This is the "UC" logo: Any use of this logo or a logo bearing its resemblance is forbidden unless you are using it to represent UCG. If you are using our logo to represent UCG or its products, you may not modify the logo, with two exceptions. You may not change its colors, nor its shape, nor any other aspect of the image, barring the two exceptions. These are the two exceptions: 1. Scale: You may scale the image to suit your needs, though the resulting resolution of the scaled logo must have an aspect ratio of 1.6:1, and be easily distinguishable. You may not use our logo to represent our product if you do not maintain this aspect ratio. 2. Alpha: You may change the alpha value of the white background of the image. This means that you may not make transparent any other part of the image except the background. Only the parts of the image with the RGBA values of (255, 255, 255, 1) (opaque white) may be made transparent.

Privacy Policy

We like privacy. We don't like people knowing everything about our personal selves, and we think you deserve the same courtesy. However, some channels we use do gather some information. Look below to see more.

On our mobile games, the Google Play Store tracks basic system information about your phone (like your OS version), though nothing it gathers and sends to us is personally identifiable. Look here if you're curious about Google's Terms of Service (the privacy bit's in there). We use the information gathered to aid in bug-fixing and to give us statistical data on our user base. We do not sell your information, nor do we use it for anything other than the above-listed purposes.

Our PC/Mac games may also gather information about your system, though this is done in an anonymous manner and no data is personally identifiable. This information is not sold under any circumstances, and serves only to allow use to assess a product's performance. This information is also not gathered passively, but instead as the result of an event. An example of an event causing this information to be gathered would be on a crash of one of our games. You, the user, will be prompted whether you would like to send us the crash information. If you choose not to, we will not see the information, though a data log containing system information may still be generated locally on your machine. You may do whatever you like with this data, though you may not modify the data and then share the modified data with Unlucky Cricket Games. The data is not shared with Unlucky Cricket Games unless you expressly choose to share it.

This policy is subject to change, though our respect for your privacy will always endure. Please check back regularly.