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Are you an indie game developer or music enthusiast? Well, we are, and we were sick and tired of never being able to make our music exactly how we wanted it. Instead, we had to rely on libraries of loops. While they may be expansive, sifting through hundreds of audio files just to find the progression that sounds as close as possible to the thing you want is silly. Why couldn't we just feed a program the notes we want and how long to play them, and have it spit out nice audio files for us? Well, that's what Virtuoso was built to do.

With Virtuoso, you can type up a text file similar to the one pictured below (which is being displayed in Atom) and then just tell Virtuoso to create it. Virtuoso will create pure tones (sorry, you can't make a saxophone sound) that match the frequencies of the notes you specify. You can also specify the speed of playback, tracks and measures, durations of the notes, their octaves, and chords. With Virtuoso, you can create the music you want.

Similar to the encryption software Xcrypt, Virtuoso runs in the console (with a very similar interface to Xcrypt). To get a running start on learning how to use Virtuoso, download the zip archive with the download button down there, extract the files, run Virtuoso, and then type, "open example" (no quotes), then hit Enter. That will open up an example song specifically written to help you learn. Now, go make your music!

Virtuoso was created by Joshua Truitt.

Supported Devices

Desktop: PC (Windows).

Get a Taste

Here's a taste of what Virtuoso is capable of. The song is Still Alive from the popular game Portal. It was transcribed for Virtuoso by Joshua Truitt.

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